The flora and fauna of the Blue Mountains is unique, rare and found in no other place in the world. The jagged prehistoric landscape of sandstone and basalt that’s been forming for hundreds of millions of years from volcanic eruptions, wind and water erosion, offers canyoners the outdoor experience of a lifetime. On our canyoning trips you’re exploring areas that only canyoners can, there’s no other way of seeing these incredible canyons! 

In the warm months of summer, canyoning in the Blue Mountains means slipping on a wet suit, putting on a harness and helmet, packing your dry bag and taking off for a half day, full day or weekend of adventure. A canyoning adventure will have you abseiling down water falls, walking along small ledges, wading through creeks and rivers, swimming through deep and dark slot canyons where the only light is at the end of a narrow canyon, guiding you to the end. You’ll also enjoy the jumps and slides, and have fun that only a canyon trip can offer.

You can canyon all year round, even in winter if you’re happy to brace the chillier temperatures and wear a thicker wetsuit. If you don’t want to get wet but still experience an abseiling canyoning adventure, then why not go for a dry canyon where the only difference is only your feet get wet. 

With seven abseils and some adrenalin charged jumps, Butterbox is challenging and adventurous. For the classic Blue Mountains experience, Butterbox is the one. A multi-pitch wet canyon, it’s fun, physical and exhilarating. You’ll see stunning waterfalls, swim in natural pools, abseil down into narrow gorges, popping out near the Grose River. If you’re fit with a keen sense of adventure this is the canyon to try. Even though Butterbox can be done all year round, it’s really enjoyable in the warmer months. Includes hotel transfers, wetsuit, drybag, harness, lunch, water and snacks.

As pretty as she is tricky, Claustral will test your skills using loads of different techniques. Claustral features three awesome abseils down the face of waterfalls into the ‘Blackhole of Calcutta’. Fun jumps, decent swims (about 50m) and a few hairy rock scrambles make Claustral one worth conquering. It’s demanding and suits fit, adventurous people and being a wet canyon it’s a great one for the warmer months. Includes hotel transfers, wetsuit, drybag, harness, lunch, water and snacks.

This is a great canyon for everyone from beginner to advanced. Juggler is a short, dry canyon with a pretty walk in and close to Katoomba. Being dry, it's a great winter canyon, but can be done all year round. The abseils build from an easy few metres to start, working up to an epic drop next to a stunning waterfall. After some rock scrambling and walking in the bottom of the canyon, the return leg offers beautiful views over the Blue Mountains and will leave you with taste for more canyoning. Includes hotel transfers, wetsuit, drybag, harness, lunch, water and snacks.

Tigersnake is a fun and adventurous canyon in a remote part of the Blue Mountains National Park. With deep, dark slots and canyon walls carved out from years of wind and water, Tigersnake is like something out of an Indiana Jones film. It’s a dry, multi-pitched canyon with a few tight-squeezes and scrambles in the dark to get your heart racing. It’s fantastic all year round for fit and active people. Includes hotel transfers, wetsuit, drybag, harness, lunch, water and snacks.

Whatever level of skill and fitness you have, a canyoning trip can be tailored for you. Whether you’re into a heart pounding adventure or a more serene wilderness experience a tailored canyon trip can be run by Blue Mountains Wild Adventures. Talk to us today if you have a specific canyon in mind that's not on our list - there are so many to explore.